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Thank you for using the website services provided by the Ever Rich Duty Free Shop. (Briefly addressed as this website here.)
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  • All the contents of this website are cited to promote the qualities of our services and broadcast the information concerning this corporation, and Ever Rich Duty Free Shop preserves the intellectual rights for the manufacturing processes and techniques of the Ever Rich Duty Free products uploaded by the internet services. In other words, we don’t authorize anyone’s usage of this website
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  • In order to use the services of this website, you need to agree on the terms cited below:
    The registration-form of this website provides the accurate, newest and most complete information for you. If you provide inaccurate, non-factual or incomplete information, Ever Rich Duty Free Shop has the right to terminate or suspend your account, also forbid you from using part of the services within the website.
  • After finishing the registration process of this website, you shall receive a set of account and code. Please pay attention that you have the responsibility to maintain the secrecy and safety of this account and the code. Please agree on these terms:
    • If your account or your code is pirated or you suffer from any other security concern, please inform the Ever Rich Duty Free Shop immediately.
    • Please log out of your account after usage.
  • Part of the website services would provide your personal images to publicly share with other, and the searching engines would also tag links over the item of publicized information when you publicly share it with others. This website would offer you various items of choice concerning whether the content shall be shared or removed.
  • When you’re able to use the publicly announced contents and the information, it means that you permit others to download and use that information as well.