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Thank you for using the services by the website of Ever Rich Duty Free Shop. (Briefly addressed as this website) The Ever Rich Duty Free Shop dedicates ourselves to the detailed professional services for the customer. We have severe security measures to maintain the rights of your privacy. Meanwhile this company would also announce its managements of collecting and using your personal information.

A. The collection of information
  • The origins of personal information: we obtain the information from the members of this website, Taishin International Bank’s co-brander card-holders, other card-holders of Ever Rich Duty Free Shop, the registered members who use the services provided by this website, and the participants of the sale-promoting activities or non-sale-promoting activities from Ever Rich Duty Free Shop and any other related institutes.
  • The information includes: names, birth date, identity card number, phone number, address and emails.

B. The storage and preservation of data

Any personal information is severely preserved within the database of our company. Anyone who wishes to acquire and use the information must be under regulated conditions authorized by the company’s information management. No one is able to pass through the management-system to obtain the information without being authorized.

C. The security and protection of the informatio

The account and code you type in would be coded by Secure Sockets Layer then transmitted to the website to prevent any illicit stealing or decoding, and we also set up firewall to forbid any illicit trespassing and storage of your information. We preserve the code after codification to assure that your code won’t be stolen by others.

D. The share and revelation of information
  • Your information would be handled according to the contractual terms or any other written engagement you have built with this company, and we shall not expose your personal info except the entrusted third-party with business associations approved by lawful regulations.
  • Your information cited in this website would be used to promote and improve the service quality, and the facilitation of your personal contact.

E. The changes and searches of customer information

If you need to change your personal information or search the logged-in account and code, you could do the searches and modifications through this website.

Ever Rich Duty Free Shop preserves the rights for the foundation and the modifications of these policies, and you shall be informed with the changes through the designated emails or on the website announcements.

Effective date: July 1st, 2012