Q1.Will the Urban Pre-Sale Center have the same duty-free price as the products sold at the airport duty free shops?


The Urban Pre-Sale Centersestablished by Ever Rich in Taipei City and at the International Airport are both custom-registered duty-free shops; therefore, all duty-free goods are sold at duty-free prices.

Q2.What is the difference between the Ever Rich Urban Pre-Sale Center and other kinds of souvenir stores?


The Ever Rich Urban Pre-Sale Center is a pre-sale center approved by the Taipei Customs Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, offering real duty-free goods for you to purchase. Also, the store has more carefully selected local artworks and specialties like tea that are taxable and can be purchased. Some art stores cannot sell duty-free goods, so therefore can only be called art shops or tourist shops.

Q3.How can I buy duty-free products at the Urban Pre-Sale Center in downtown?


To purchase products at the Urban Pre-Sale Centers, you need to bring your “passport,'' and travel documents (e-ticket, itinerary, etc.), to apply for purchase.

Q4.If I would like to purchase duty-free products at the Ever Rich Urban Pre-Sale Center, how early can I do the shopping?


As long as it is purchased a day (including) before leaving the country, and the purchaser have the passport, travel documents, or boarding (ship) pass ready, then he/she can head straight to the Urban Pre-Sale Center to purchase duty-free products.