EVER RICH self-design product─Mountain Bird Tea

How many stories are behind a pot of tea?

The pot of tea tells everything about tea and human, mutual understanding and connection. The taste of tea lasts forever.

It also tells the time, tea and the mountains, the balance of nature that all lives are carefree.

The tea is specially developed by EVER RICH to show the different tastes of Taiwanese teas with special birds inhabiting in places above different sea levels in Taiwan. You can hear the song of mountain and birds; see the carefree birds and tea-leaf picker and feel and liberation.

The chorus of tea and Taiwanese mountain birds makes the song of mountain. The free and lissome five mountain birds inhabiting in the different areas where the five teas are planted respectively symbolize the state of mind and the happiness when drinking tea. When having teas with local specialty, you realize Taiwanese tea are planted in a pure and natural environment, and just like the beautiful birds on the box cover, you can enjoy the ease and delight from drinking tea.