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Wang Nong, a master Taiwanese ink painter, was born as Li Tian in 1926. The Shenyang native studied Western painting at the National Art School in Beiping when painter Xu Beihong was president of the university. Wang’s paintings integrate Western techniques into Chinese traditional art. His innovative style stands out, in particular the crisp, forceful brushstrokes that seem to flow onto the canvas. The technique is perfectly suited to the powerful horse paintings that made Wang famous. Wang’s graceful style emanates through his work; it’s no wonder that Xu called him a natural born artist.


In 1978 Wang was awarded the Sun Yat-senArt and Literary Award, and in 1985 one of his works received first place in a contest held by a monthly Parisian arts magazine. Wang has held individual exhibitions in France, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Malaysia and China. His work is highly acclaimed, and it is included in the permanent collections of museums found around the world. Besides painting, Wang is a major fan of the Beijing opera and has seen over 60 shows. From these performances, Wang gains inspiration for his paintings. There is an implicit charm found in the Beijing opera characters that appear in Wang’s works. Much like performances of the opera itself, each of Wang’s paintings has something new and wonderful to offer. In a first for the business world, Ever Rich has obtained the rights to many Wang Nong works. These have been transformed into elegant, charming souvenirs, and the boxes which hold the paintings have a unique design that lets them be folded into 3D cards. These can become a valuable addition to any collection featuring reprints of this master Chinese artist.