Hello Kitty

Born in Tokyo in 1974, Hello Kitty has a big head and round eyes but without mouth. With a bow on the left ear, it looks so sweet and lovely, full of curiosity for childlike innocence. Its amazing magic power has swept the world. EVER RICH has launched an exclusive airport limited product which keeps the sweetness of KITTY and has Taiwanese elements. It is to represent Taiwan with many images including local Hakka girl, aboriginal princess, Formosa traveler and elegant Chinese style.

Dressed in Hakka blue shirt, KITTY has the sweetness and the virtuousness of Hakka girl. It is good at making lei cha and it looks so elegant against the Hakka snow white Tong blossom in the background. KITTY with aboriginal princess decoration on the head looks so passionate like the daughter of nature and its every movement is full of warmth and openness, which is so attractive to everyone. Kitty with cheongsam of flower pattern looks very romantic and modest, revealing elegance and sweetness that shows the quality of Taiwan. EVER RICH also has launched KITTY series products such as Hakka banquet, aboriginal rice cake for harvest, Tainan’s specialty pineapple cake, Taichung’s specialty sun pastry, classical gift crispy butter cake and so on to fully show Taiwan’s hospitality.