EVER RICH self-design product─San-Tai-Zi Series

San-Tai-Za Nazha’s official Taoist name is “Marshal of the Central Camp” and is known by the folk as “Tai-Zi-Ye”. He is in charge of 5 barracks to subdue the devil for the folk society and is called the deity of infant and travel transportation industry. It plays an important role in the temple festivals rewarding the blessing from gods.

EVER RICH designs the products with the theme of cute San-Tai-Zi, representing Taiwanese folk culture. Pineapple cake made in Minxiong, requiring much time and efforts in the manufacturing process, tastes sweet but slightly sour with firm texture that every bite takes you by surprise. It is surprising that the unnoted native pineapple can produce such flavor, just like San-Tai-Zi, who appears as a child with lovely and childish innocent looks, is actually a master of subduing devils and nicknamed “Tai-Zi-Ye” by the folk society. Therefore it is chosen to represent the affinity of local culture in Central and Southern Taiwan with its lively and innocent image.

Since 2012, EVER RICH has launched many products with local specialty, such as rice cake, bamboo shoot biscuit, taro pastry and strawberry pastry and so on to expand the product series of San-Tai-Zi, strengthen Taiwanese folk culture and offer customers more choices.